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how it works

Please note: this is a brief overview, for more
in-depth information see our developers page

Figure 2.  Schematic diagram of sms queueing systems.

In order to provide a high quality of service (QoS), we queue and prioritise messages based on volume and requirement. This enables us to provide the most competitive price and the correct level of service for your needs.

Once messages are submitted to our systems, they are held in one of three queuing databases (1,2 or 3), depending on the type of messages purchased and the priority set on the account.

Generally, high volume users benefit from a lower cost per unit message. As a result, we work on small profit margins. Usually, the most important factor to SMS bulk marketing clients is price, rather than delivery time. As a result, they are added to a high volume queue (2). This means that they do not "hold up" any important messages on our systems (such as those sent out as alerts by the nhs or city traders for example).

If you are a low volume user but require low latency messaging, we can upgrade you to our high priority queue (1) at no extra charge. Low volume means less than 5000 messages per month.

If you wish to conduct SMS marketing or alerts into the UK, we offer a FAST UK QUEUE (3) and GATEWAY SMSC (5), capable of rates nearing 100 messages/second. This route carries a premium cost per message because it routes via UK SMSC's which pay internetworking fees to enter into the UK networks.

If you are wanting low latency into the UK, we would recommend purchasing UK premium messages. Why? Because when bulk messages are sent to a UK SMSC (ie a uk telecoms provider), messages are often prioritised depending on whether they are external messages or not. If they are external messages, if an internetworking fee is paid, they will be given priority. Unfortunately, due to the high costs of internetworking, we cannot offer ultra-low-cost messaging via this route, but for low volume users or for essential marketing campaigns, this is the correct solution. Please talk to us if you need more advice regarding the solution that's best for you.

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